No clams found in latest eDNA test run

The Tūwharetoa Māori Trust Board has received the results of its recent eDNA (environmental DNA) testing regime in Tūwharetoa rohe.

All 45 sites tested returned a negative result. This means there is no Corbicula (invasive freshwater clams) DNA in any of these 45 sites.

The sites were from Ōtamangakau to beyond Te Huka near the Lake Taupō Aqua Park. Water samples were taken from each site and sent to a lab for testing.

EDNA involves gathering samples from a given environment for any DNA left behind by an organism. As the invasive freshwater clams are a marine organism, the Trust Board testing team gathers water samples.

It takes up to two weeks for results to come back to the Trust Board. If a positive result occurs, the site will undergo a visual inspection.

This is how Corbicula Australis was identified at the Taupō Aqua Park in Wairākei earlier in the year.

The Trust Board thanks all those who rendered support and assistance in completing this latest round of testing. The Trust Board will continue to appraise hapū and the public of any further developments.

For further information on this kaupapa, please refer to our previous communications.