Te Poari



Governance members of the Trust Board are elected from and by Trust Board beneficiaries aged 18 years and over. The Board consists of up to ten Board Members and a Board Secretary. Each member is appointed for a term of three years.

Current members of the Trust Board

John Bishara


Hon Dame Georgina Te Heuheu

Deputy Chairman

Heemi Biddle

Board Member

Judy Harris

Board Member

Tangonui Kingi

Board Member

Danny Loughlin

Board Member

Ngahere Wall

Board Member

Channey Iwikau

Board Member

Te Takinga New

Board Member

Trish Otimi

Board Member

Our Staff

Chief Executive

  • Shane Heremaia

Executive Assistant

  • Sarah-Jane Cuthers

Commercial Development and Communications

  • Communications Manager: Te Mahau Kingi
  • Commercial & Strategy Manager: Rakeipoho Taiaroa

Corporate Services

  • Administrator - Tūrangi: Journey Whaiapu
  • Administrator – Records & Archives: Janet Gailbraith
  • Administrator – Database & Systems: Courtney Marshall
  • Administrator – Taupo: Gaye Stebbing
  • Administrator – Finance: Michelle Taiaroa
  • Administrator – Finance: Angela Puru
  • Corporate Services Manager: Kim Alexander

Natural Resources

  • Kaiawhina - Karapiti Implementation : Mahora Manuel-Hepi
  • Natural Resources Manager: Peter Shepherd
  • Environmental Coordinator: Tredegar Hall
  • Environmental Coordinator: Cher Mohi
  • Natural Resources Manager: [Vacant]
  • Project Coordinator: Raina Ferris-Bretherton

Strategic Initiatives

  • Strategic Manager: Marie Otimi
  • Project Coordinator: Adriana Fletcher

Special Projects

  • Project Coordinator : Paris Gray
  • Project Coordinator: Lauren Fletcher


  • KPMG Hamilton


  • Kahui Legal