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The Ngāti Tūwharetoa - Mercury Development Group was established as a result of a partnership agreement between Ngāti Tūwharetoa and Mighty River Power (now Mercury) in October 2002. The Development Group is charged with the task of supporting Ngāti Tūwharetoa in cultural, educational and environmental projects.

This application provides details of the Group's objectives and the application criteria for individuals or schools wishing to apply for funding assistances for education or sporting initiatives.

Key Objective

Undertake activities and promote projects to improve the education, employment opportunities, health and well-being of ngā hapū o Ngāti Tūwharetoa

Funding Criteria
  1. Applicant must be of Ngāti Tūwharetoa descent and registered with the Tūwharetoa Māori Trust Board.
  2. The applicant must clearly demonstrate how the proposal will contribute to achieving the key objective of the group.
  3. The criteria for those applying for 'Education Assistance' is as follows:
    • The Ngāti Tūwharetoa Mercury Development Group will assist Tūwharetoa who are actively involved with their Iwi/Hapū/Marae and are seeking to further their education aspirations for the Taiao. (at this stage only looking at supporting those studying at a Post Graduate/Master/Doctorate level)
  4. The criteria for those applying for 'Leadership Assistance' is as follows:
    • The Ngāti Tūwharetoa Mercury Development Group assist Tūwharetoa who are involved with their Iwi/Hapū/Marae and demonstrate how their application supports ahi kaa - Support from their Iwi/Hapū/Marae is required.
    • The Ngāti Tūwharetoa Mercury Development Group will also assist Tūwharetoa Schools within the rohe for culturally significant trips which grow our future leaders.
  5. The criteria for those applying for 'Sporting Assistance' is as follows:
    • Those selected to represent their region and New Zealand at an international and/or national competition will be considered (written confirmation from the national body with an outline of tournament and costs is required).
    • Regional selection up to $500 / National selection up to $1000 (Does not cover uniforms).
    • The Ngāti Tūwharetoa Mercury Development Group does not cover selection into a development team.
  6. Preference will be given to those applications that have wide benefit and clearly show how the outcomes will be communicated to Ngāti Tūwharetoa at hapū and/or iwi level.
  7. Preference will be given those proposals that provide written support from hapū and other parties/organisations.
  8. If successful, the applicant will be required to provide written feedback to the committee on the outcome of their proposal and if required a breakdown of the budget. The applicant will also be asked to report back to the committee at a suitable time.
  9. The committee retains the right to withdraw any funding if there has been no communication between the parties.
  10. The decisions made by the Development Group are final.

The committee will not accept:

  1. Applications that are incomplete or require further information.
  2. Applications that may be more appropriately funded from other sources.
  3. Funding requested for sporting uniform costs.
  4. Projects that have been completed prior to applying for funding.

All enquiries to be directed to:
Group Administrator - Rachael Reihana
Phone: +64 7 376 5086

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If you are an individual applying for assistance, please provide your Tūwharetoa Māori Trust Board registration number below - Applications will not be considered unless you are registered

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Please describe the objectives of your project and how these correspond with the objectives of the Development Group.

In a brief outline list the benefits useful in terms of future career goals and personal development

When will the activity or course start and finish

List any other groups or organisations that support your proposal along with funding

Community service, Iwi Support, wānanga program

Is this a continuation of previous undertakings or is it a new endeavour

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If you are applying to participate in a sports event or to attend a course related to one of our strategies.



Please attach any other additional information to support this application (i.e hapū support or sporting oganisation)

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All enquiries to be directed to:
Group Administrator - Rachael Reihana
Phone: +64 7 376 5086
Mobile: +64 27 827 0031

Final Applications Due 2018-2019 Meeting Dates
Monday 27th May 2019 Wednesday 5th June 2019
2019-2020 Financial Year
Monday 29th July 2019 Wednesday 7th August 2019
Monday 23rd September 2019 Wednesday 2nd October 2019
Monday 25th November 2019 Wednesday 4th December 2019
Monday 27th January 2020 Wednesday 5th February 2020
Monday 23rd March 2020 Wednesday 1st April 2020
Monday 25th May 2020 Wednesday 3rd June 2020